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Icon Time PIN Entry

Whether you've never owned a time clock or are transitioning from a mechanical to automated system, you'll find this unit intuitive and easy to use. Within minutes, you'll have everything you need to streamline your timekeeping and payroll process. Employees simply enter a unique ID number to clock IN or OUT, and the PIN Entry Employee Time Clock does the rest: no badges to use, lose, or replace.

30-day manufacturer technical support at no additional cost.


  • Up to 50 employees (upgradable to 200)
  • Network compatible software
  • Compatible with Windows XP and Vista
  • Payroll Exports Included: QuickBooks, ADP, PayChex, ASCII, and Excel
  • Edit punches and make changes at the time clock or computer
  • Enter tips, job numbers, and department changes at the clock
  • In-Out zones (controls unauthorized overtime)
  • Up to 99 different departments in total for the system
  • Time rounding (10th, quarter hour, slant hour, or exact minute)
  • Pay Periods: Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and custom
  • Reports By: Employee, Department, Wages, Who's In, Timecard, Tardy, Company Totals

Icon PIN Entry Time Clock System

PIN Entry System Includes

  • PIN Entry Terminal, Serial
  • TimeVue Lite software, 50 Employee
  • 50 ft. serial cable
  • Locking wall-mounting bracket
  • User Guide
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