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Acroprint Pendulum

No more paper time cards! Pendulum time and attendance software electronically collects your employees' time using one or more terminals, calculates time, and outputs to payroll applications and service providers. This powerful time tracking system supports an unlimited number of fixed, flexible or open shifts, and weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay periods.

Pendulum Software at a glance

  • User-friendly: The intuitive setup wizard and menu-driven interface insure Pendulum is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use.
  • Flexible: The Pendulum time and attendance system supports a variety of shift and pay period options, allowing you to run your business your way. The system automatically allocates costs to the appropriate company, division, department or shift. Optional modules offer even more functionality.
  • Informative: With over 70 standard reports, your Pendulum system will insure you're informed and up-to-date on key time and attendance metrics such as overtime, attendance issues and job costs. Reports can be displayed on-screen, printed, e-mailed or sent to a data file.
  • Secure: You can assign each administrative user a unique User ID and Password. Filters by User ID ensure supervisors can access only the information they need.
  • Accurate: Pendulum interfaces with your payroll system, saving time and eliminating errors caused by re-keying information. Easily tracks employee attendance, department transfers, job transfers, and departmental schedules.
  • Scalable: This versatile software supports an unlimited number of employees and input devices. You can expand the system to allow up to 25 concurrent administrative users. There's no longer a need to migrate time and attendance systems as your business grows.
  • Convenient: The handy auto-poll/auto-report feature allows you to set a date and time to automatically poll the data collection devices. The system will even automatically run and print your reports. With the optional e-mail upgrade module, you can have Pendulum automatically e-mail these reports directly to designated supervisors or employees.

Optional Features allow added Flexibility

  • Job costing: Tracks and reports piece rates, quantity, department, job changes, actual and scheduled versus budgeted.
  • Access control: Controls door access by employee and time of day and day of week. (Requires additional hardware)
  • Lockout control: Controls unauthorized overtime by controlling what times employees are allowed to clock in or out. (Can be combined with Access Control)
  • Signal control: Rings bells or horns at specific times and days of the week. (Requires additional hardware)
  • E-mail upgrade: Works with the auto-poll/auto-report feature to automatically attach copies of reports to e-mails and send to designated supervisors. You can even send time card reports directly to employees.
  • Input validation: Validates job numbers at the terminal, to insure that only valid job numbers are input.

Acroprint DC7000 Terminal

Acroprint DC7000 Terminal

HandPunch Terminal

HandPunch Terminal

Choice of input devices for better Security and Convenience

For your input devices, you can select from the newest and most secure technology, including:
  • Acroprint Data Collection Terminal (DC7000) featuring support for magnetic badges, barcode badges (visible or infrared), proximity badges (125kHz RFID or HID 26-bit), biometric fingerprint reader, and terminal keypad entry. Terminal communication options include RS232, RS485 (LAN), modem, and Ethernet.
  • HandPunch Biometric Hand Geometry Reader - Click here for more information
Because the Pendulum time and attendance software is so flexible, as your business grows your system can quickly be upgraded or reconfigured to meet your new requirements. We designed the Acroprint Pendulum system to grow with your business.
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